Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Leading and Managing People Dynamic Organization

Question: Describe about the Leading and Managing People for Dynamic Organization. Answer: There are several factors which impact the ability to staff an organization appropriately. The staffing process may get affected by internal as well as external factors. Internal factors include promotion policy, future growth plans, use of technology, support from management, and image of an organization. External factors comprise labor laws, socio-economic pressures, competition, and standard of education(Day, 2014). A proper promotional policy with development and career growth prospects attracts efficient people. It raises the motivation and morale of the staff. Future growth affects the staffing process as the requirement of staff would increase with the growth of the organization. The kind of technology used by a company also affects the staffing process. Use of modern technology must be accompanied by continuous and proper training programs so that the employees remain updated with the latest technology. Moreover, the higher authority must support and take care of staffing procedures, transfer policies, promotion, and career development programs. The image of the organization affects staffing largely. Development, job security, work culture, and environment influence the image of an organization (Phillips et al., 2015). External factors like labor laws implemented by the government affect the policy of staffing to a great extent. For instance, if a company wants to abide by the Social equality and Upliftment policy, then it would have to give jobs to reserved classes. Socio-political groups thus widely affect staffing. The most important factor affecting staffing is educational standard and competition. When there is a demand for highly experienced and qualified staff, there rises competition between organizations to recruit efficient staffs. References Day, R. D. (2014).Leading and managing people in the dynamic organization. Psychology Press. Phillips, J. M., Gully, S. M. (2015).Strategic staffing. Pearson.

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