Sunday, January 5, 2020

Summary Of Kill A Mockingbird - 2082 Words

‘TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD’ CHAPTER ONE: †¢ Maycomb is a poor, old and small town. Atticus Finch has a farm called Finch’s Landing that has supported their family for many years. †¢ Radley is a loner and because of the stories about Boo Radley †¢ The narrative voice and viewpoint are both from scouts point of view CHAPTER TWO †¢ Scout wants to go to school with Jem and she likes to read, that’s why she is looking forward to starting school. †¢ Jem is embarrassed of what Scout would do so he doesn’t want her doing anything with him †¢ Miss Caroline is a pretty good teacher in general but a little unexperienced around the local area CHAPTER THREE †¢ Calpurnia is the house maid and she takes care of the children †¢ â€Å"Until you climb into his skin and†¦show more content†¦CHAPTER SIX †¢ Because Scout was worried Atticus would punish them. †¢ Mr. Nathan thought a Negro broke into the yard and a Negro was referred as a black person. Majority of the whites called the blacks Negros CHAPTER SEVEN †¢ Jem starts limiting Scout’s actions related going near the Radley house. †¢ The children tried to send a letter to Boo Radley but the person who stops them is Atticus because he is preventing the children from bothering Boo. CHAPTER EIGHT †¢ Scout is interested about what Boo does †¢ The near libel is the snowman that Scout and Jem made in the front yard that has an appearance of Mr. Avery so Atticus tells Scout and Jem to disguise it. †¢ Atticus doesn’t want Scout telling everyone about his discovery because it might become a big rumour. Jem does what Atticus says because she believes the Radley’s live their life individually. CHAPTER NINE †¢ Atticus has no prejudice so he tried to defend Tom Robinson the best way he can even he knew he couldn’t win. Black people weren’t normally defended by white lawyers because they would rarely win. †¢ This means Scout is beginning to become more mature in age and needs to start adapting to it by wearing dresses. †¢ The final sentence means that Atticus wants Scout to believe in facts than rumours because the town is racially prejudiced with a lot of rumours about. CHAPTER TEN †¢ Scout says Atticus was feeble because she was saying it in her perspective when she was young because Jem and she ask

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